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Highlights from the trip to the Bahamas


Date:Monday September 19, 2005 -- 8:32pm

Well, I've got all the luck in the world, don't I? Of course, I didn't really think too much about coming down here towards the end of hurricane season, but my luck being what it is, here I am and a new hurricane is coming. Her name is Rita. And, she's making her presence felt!

WHOA! More Whoa!
WHOOOOSH! Here comes Rita

I know I haven't had a chance to take proper pictures of my room or the hotel or anything, but I figured this takes a little bit of priority.

To give you an idea, though, I'm in a beautiful room. It's spacious with two beds, a nice bathroom. A table a few dressers and a spacious closet. I even have a balcony (where half of these pictures are being taken from.) It's a lovely hotel with a beautiful view of the ocean.

I spent the majority of the day just walking the beach, feeling the sand between my toes and feeling the warm water brushing up against my ankles (I really don't want to get too much closer until the winds die down.) I had breakfast at this wonderful restaurant in the hotel called the Pineapple Plaza. It was buffet style, and I had some great eggs, a ham and turkey sandwich, a croissant, an apple tart, sausage, bacon and some incredible (yet terribly pale) pineapple. For dinner I went to another restaurant right next to the hotel (whose name escapes me, but I will get it in here tomrrow). I had conch chowder (they love their conch here), which was incredible, and for a main course I had barbecue chicken with fries and vegetables. It was absolutely delicious. I may not come back home with much of a tan at this rate, but I may come back with a bit of a gut if all of the food is this good.

I may try to hit the casino tonight and press my luck. More than anything else, though, the trop is relaxing which is everthing I could have asked for and more. If the weather doesn't get better soon, though, I may take the bus into downtown Nassau and see what's happening there.

I did, also, see the smallest lizard I have ever seen today.

Wait, he's pretty big OK, maybe not

Oh, and I almost forgot. The journalist in me just had to make this "breaking" video available to all you people out there in webland! CLICK HERE ((PLEASE BE PATIENT WHILE IT LOADS))