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Highlights from the trip to the Bahamas


Date:Sunday September 18, 2005 -- 6:17pm

Well, I finally made it to the hotel. It's very nice. Right on the beach. The drive here was incredible. Everything is beautiful.

Blue Skies and Palm Trees Crystal Water
Not so beautiful Peaceful waters

OH MY GOD! We're on the wrong side of the road!!! OK not really. But, down here they do drive on the other side of the road. The confusing thing is that the steering wheel is still on the left side.

They're going the wrong way!


Date:Sunday September 18, 2005 -- 2:57pm

You know, the anticipation was killing me the entire morning. OK, maybe that's a bit of an understatement. It's been killing me for the better part of a week. But it all came to a head this morning. This morning it became real.

I sit here on the flight now, looking down at the crystal blue water below and the occasional puffy cloud, and like my last trip, I'm in awe at what's around me.

What makes this trip even more interesting though is that while I may be flying on a bankrupt airline (SONG), it's the coolest trip yet. There is a monitor in the seat in front of me which has all sorts of on-screen options including TV, MP3 music, PAY-PER-VIEW movies and more. In addition, it has a sort of GPS that shows how far we've traveled thus far, and other important info.

For example, right now we're at 35993 ft going 504 mph. We've traveled 165 miles. And, by the way, if I felt like strolling on the wing or rolling down the window, it's about -47 degrees out there. A bit nippy, if you ask me.

Anyway, now we wing our way southward toward paradise. At least that's how I've built it in my mind. For all I know, it will be raining the entire time I'm there, finishing just in time for my return this weekend. But fret not, even in the rain, I could be happy. After all, I brought my bathing suit!