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Highlights from the trip to the Bahamas


Date:Tuesday September 20, 2005 -- 10:45pm

Today was a complete 180 degree turn from yesterday...OK, not quite a full 180, but close to it. The sun was shining today. At least enough for me to catch some rays, go swimming and get just A LITTLE burnt!

Nice! A LITTLE humid!
Soaking it up! Relaxing on the beach

I also took the opportinity to walk around the area and get a few pictures. I figure by the end of the week I'll make it down to Nassau proper, I'd just like to take advantage of the weather while I can.

Pineapple Place - REALLY great breakfast! Hotel Lobby
Front of the Hotel A truly fine Italian eatery!
It's good to know that in the Bahamas, you can still find places to change into your favorite super hero! Conquering the island!

By the way, the place that I ate at last night was the Cafe Johnny Canoe!

The Cafe Johnny Canoe Beautiful at night

I should have remembered the name since it took me over a day to figure out that it's a play on the word Junkanoo, which is a local celebration akin to Mardi Gras! Again, the food is spectacular, and I may have to eat there again tonight.

Speaking of which, I headed over to the Wyndham tonight for dinner. I ate at the Seaside Buffet, which wasn't bad, but just a little confusing. You see, you pay in advance, get your food and just sit anywhere you please, where any waitress gives you your drink and you can go up any time to get more food. But there is no indication that the table you're sitting at is yours, so it makes you a little bit uncomfortable to go get more food. It was also a tad expensive for the food, but the food was still decent, so no real complaints on that front.

Well, that's it for today. From the (finally) sunny Bahamas, I now bid you all a fond good night. Until tomorrow.

Good Night!