Pass Collective Bargaining Agreement

A framework for a collective agreement and a number of proposed contracts. If the union agrees, an employer may, in good faith, pass on collective agreements to other workers or unions. This does not mean that an employer cannot offer workers the same conditions or conditions that are truly similar to those of the collective agreement. Employers must negotiate in good faith with their individual employees. The outcome of the negotiations may, in many respects, be similar or equal to the outcome of the collective bargaining with which the employer is associated. What is important is whether the transfer of the terms renders the intention or the effect of scuttling the negotiations or agreements. Employers cannot undermine collective bargaining or collective agreements by automatically passing on the terms of a collective agreement to workers who are not involved. The aim of these guidelines is to guide the relationship between employers and workers. The Personnel Policy Manual contains general employment requirements and information; it is not intended to be complete or to address all possible applications or exceptions to the general guidelines and procedures described above. . SEIU Sheriff`s Association Non-Union Employees Directors Elected Officials Benefits Summary (Full-time Employees Only) AFSCME FOPPO SEIU Sheriff`s Association non-Union Employees The Administrative Policies and Procedures manual of Josephine County includes those policies that have county wide-application. These were created by the Board of County Commissioners on the recommendation of the Administrative Steering Committee, after review of department heads and elected officials, and contain summary explanations of administrative policy. The Josephine County Health and Safety Program aims to define responsible responsibilities for the following tasks: the use of security measures to protect the safety of staff to the fullest; conduct health and safety inspections to identify and eliminate precarious working conditions or practices; controlling health risks and meeting OSHA`s safety and health standards; Identifying staff training requirements the development and enforcement of health and safety legislation and the obligation for workers to cooperate with these rules as a condition of employment; prompt and thorough investigation, any accident to identify the cause and, if necessary, resolve the problem.