Spring Tool Suite License Agreement

All titles and copyrights in and on CHEMAXON SOFTWARE (including, but not limited to images, texts and applets embedded in CHEMAXON SOFTWARE) are ChemAxon`s proprietary products. CHEMAXON SOFTWARE is protected by international copyright and copyright laws as well as other intellectual property laws and contracts. THE CHEMAXON SOFTWARE is licensed, not sold. They acquire only the right to use CHEMAXON SOFTWARE and do not acquire any property rights. You acknowledge that access to CHEMAXON SOFTWARE features is protected by a LICENSE KEY (also known as SOFTWARE PROTECTION KEY). You should not access or access these functions by circumventing this protection. You understand that the ChemAxon license applies to the use of the executable version of CHEMAXON SOFTWARE and that no right to receive or use the source code is granted. You acknowledge that CHEMAXON SOFTWARE, in all its forms, remains a confidential trade secret of ChemAxon. ChemAxon may have trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual property rights relating to CHEMAXON SOFTWARE. You will not get a license from this CAU for these patents, trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual property rights, unless this is intended to be enforceable. ChemAxon reserves all rights not expressly granted. In any event, without ChemAxon`s prior written consent, you may not use ChemAxon`s names, trademarks or service marks in advertisements, advertisements, supplier lists or by any other means. In addition to consolidating the various update sites, we will also use the STS JIRA project on issuetracker.springsource.com to actively and openly track feature requests, bugs and improvements for all of our tools.

In the coming days, you will discover that the STS development team is starting to follow its daily work in this JIRA. This license does not apply to the REDISTRIBUTABLE COMPONENTS chapter below. STS 3.9.6, Spring Tool Suite 3.9.6: New and remarkable. STS updates and downloads: spring.io/tools/sts/all STS 3.9.6 can be run on an immediately ready-to-use JDK. I am pleased to announce the 3.9.6 version of spring Tool Suite, our Eclipse-based tools. Highlights of this release include: update on Eclipse 2018-09; Support for automatic tunneling and SSH manual for remote CF applications for remote JMX access to various added bug fixes; To download the distributions, please go to: Spring Tools 4.2.1 published, To download the distribution for Eclipse and find links to the marketplace entries for Visual Studio Code and Atom, please check out: Spring Tools 4: Spring Tools 4 is the next generation of jumping tools for your favorite coding environment. It has been largely rebuilt from scratch and offers first-class support for the development of spring business applications, whether you prefer Eclipse, Visual Studio Code or Theia IDE. Spring Tool Suite 3.9.6, description, link, size, hash. Eclipse 2020-03 (4.15). Windows (64bit), feder-tool-suite-3.9.12.RELEASE-e4.15.0-win32-x86_64.zip, 414MB, sha1 – md5. Spring Tool Suite – Groovy/Grails Tool Suite 3.6.4.