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Highlights from the trip to the Bahamas


Date:Wednesday September 21, 2005 -- 11:22pm

And now we've come full around. It's funny that in the morning, I turn on the television and see so much news about Hurricane Rita (which, I might add was here earlier in the week -- see Monday) and now the sun is shining in full swing!

Time to soak in some rays! LOOK!  Up in the sky!  It's a bird!  It's a plane, It's THE SUN!

And so, I took the opportunity to try to work on my tan (read: got mega burnt!) and go for another swim in the water! Let me tell you, the difference between the ocean water between yesterday and today was amazing. Because of Rita passing through, the water has been kinda murky the last few days, from all the stuff that she stirred up. Today, however, was like a different world altogether. With snorkel and mask in hand, I swam out as far as I could and saw the whole world under the water. I got to swim with some fish of various sizes, and see some that I had never seen before. It was incredible down there. As close to flying as I have ever been. You look down and just see the ground moving beneath you. There are mini-peaks and valleys. And thanks to my trusty dry snorkel, I can swim right under the water and come back up without missing a beat!

But again, that wasn't the only thing I did today. I also spent some time out in the sun!

Relax.... Check out that view!

As is the case with anyone who hasn't seen the sun for any length of time in about 5 years, I got a wee bit burnt. It made for a rather uncomfortable rest of the evening, but at least I'm getting some color. I think I'll take it a little easy on the sunbathing tomorrow, so as to let this burn turn into some color. At least my fear about coming back paler than I left won't happen now!

I'm going to head out for another nightime walk on the beach now, right before I head off to bed. I love the beach at night. The waves crashing onto the shore, the moon and stars in the sky. And thew water is still warm at night. It's incredible.